Bright Ideas For Blinds in Summer 2018

According to Pinterest, bright colours are a massive trend for home interiors this year - a trend echoed by Duette® energy saving blinds, reporting higher levels of search and sales of bright colours already this year. High impact hues are going to be hot (even if the British summer isn’t!) 

Injecting colour at the window is not only an easy interiors update – when sunlight shines through the window gorgeous coloured light effects flood the whole room. Duette® energy saving blinds are a great way of achieving this effect, with their unique honeycomb structure and transparent or semi sheer appearance (blackout options are available). 

What’s more – these blinds don’t just ‘put on the style’, their temperature regulating properties help to keep a room's climate consistent all year round (cool in the summer, insulation in the winter). 

Duette® energy saving blindsMake a visual impact with bright and bold window blinds this summer from Duette® blinds. 

  • Installing energy efficient Duette® blinds has year-round benefits for the home.
  • During the warmer weather they reflect up to 78% of the sun’s warmth, giving homeowners more control of room temperatures (as a result of their special honeycomb design and coated fabric)
  • They’re proven to keep up to 46% more heat in during winter (reducing energy bills by up to 25%).  
  • As well as manual operation options, Duette® energy saving blinds can now be installed with PowerView® Motorisation. Automatically adjust light, shade and temperature via a smart phone, tablet or remote control
  • Duette® blinds come in transparent, semi-sheer and black out options, and are humidity resistant, fully wipeable and have no visible cords – great for all rooms in the house. 
Duette® blinds start at around £150 made-to-measure (to find out more visit


April 11, 2018

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