National Pet Month - survey reveals that Brits are opting to share bedrooms with their animals

Five star housebuilder Barratt Homes, which is bringing new homes to Bristol, carried out the survey, asking 2,000 people where their pets generally sleep for National Pet Month. A significant 23 per cent said the bedroom, closely followed by 20 per cent allowing them to spend the night in the lounge. The news comes during April - which is designated National Pet Month in the UK.

“Pets are important for a variety of reasons - from the company they offer to the practical help they can provide for those in need,” said sales director, Andrea Pilgrim. “And many of those who buy our homes are careful to select the perfect layout and setting, not only for themselves but for their animals too.

National Pet Month“Our designers are only too aware of this when they create new homes, which is why they provide a wide range of house types that are a great fit for many different lifestyles - pets or no pets.

“There are of course many who don’t keep animals. But the fact that a quarter of all those we asked are only too happy to share their bedrooms with their pets is highly significant. Also of note, is that only five per cent choose to leave their beloved pooches outside after dark.”

Of those remaining, 12 per cent offer the kitchen as a bed for the night for their pals, six per cent make use of the utility room, and five per cent provide pets with their own private spare room.

“National Pet Month is an opportunity for people to show their love for their animals,” added Andrea. “There are events happening across the country, and I have no doubt lots of our homebuyers will be getting involved.”

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April 12, 2018

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