Ravenheat shares advice on how to talk to customers about keeping their boilers healthy

Domestic boilers are a fundamental part of homes across the UK, providing households with heating and hot water. As a manufacturer of domestic gas boilers, Ravenheat are keen to encourage customers to take care of their boilers by ensuring they have an annual service to extend the operational life, therefore saving homeowners money. But the topic of servicing and boiler health can be difficult to explain, so here’s a few suggestions.


Explain the benefits of servicing

One of the easiest ways to talk to your customers about why they should get their boiler serviced – and what they should do with it during summer – is to discuss it when you are there for other work. Whether you are reminding them to get their boiler serviced annually before you leave or just having a chat over a cup of tea, break down the reasons why it is good for them. Of course, that includes lower chances of breakdowns in the winter and a longer serviceable life.Ravenheat


Leave a card 

You probably already have a stack of business cards hanging around somewhere. Why not put them to good use and write down the date of a recommended service on the back? That way, the customer has your details and can call you when the date comes around. Alternatively, service reminder stickers on the boiler itself with your contact information on them are another good option.


RavenheatUse social media to let them know

Social media is a valuable tool to promote your business and services, but it is also a great way to share your knowledge with your customers. Ravenheat use their own social media to share tips with homeowners, like how to defrost their condensate during the winter. These posts are very popular, so why not do something similar for your customers? A Facebook business page is ideal for sharing advice on why and how often customers should get their boilers serviced. You can also recommend they turn on their boiler at least once a month to keep everything in working order.


Let them know about manufacturer FAQs

Like many companies, Ravenheat has a list of frequently asked questions for both installers and homeowners on its website. This includes advice on why annual servicing is important and how to organise a service – the idea is to help answer any questions your customers might have. If homeowners are looking for manufacturer advice on what to do, refer them to the FAQs.

Over the summer, Ravenheat will be using its own social media channels to share tips and information on the importance of services and boiler health. Engineers are welcome to share their posts to help raise awareness among homeowners.

For further information, please contact Ravenheat on 0113 252 7007 or please click here

June 18, 2018

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