Bernay gives advice on how to create a mood board

Bernie Laity Azalee

IF YOU’VE moved into a new home and would like to do a bit of re-decorating, then interiors expert Bernay Laity recommends creating a mood board (November, 2018). 


Bernay Laity from the contemporary, luxury, online store Azalée says a mood board will help you to focus your ideas to ensure you get a coordinated look and a stylish finish when you complete your re-styling project.


‘Generation rent’ can now build a credit score and bypass security deposits on new app

London: Partnering with Experian, UK property rental market disrupter Canopy willgive ‘Generation Rent’ an edge in the rental market and help them to become property owners. The new service eliminates the need for rental security deposits and helps tenants strengthen their Experian credit history by paying rent on-time. 

Canopy (formally known as InsureStreet) is re-engineering the property rental market by making it simpler, more efficient and fairer for renters, landlords and estate agents. Canopy recently received £1.6m in funding from strategic investors including £1.3m from Direct Line Group.  


Learning more about companion planting 

companion planting

The art of companion planting has been with us for many years. The method of growing certain crops side by side to maximise growth has been found to enhance their development and prevent disease. 

Many gardeners are reluctant to implement companion planting in their gardens however. This is due to the risk involved. When plotting two compatible crops next to each other, amazing results can occur. However, choose the wrong combination and it could end in disaster. 

The secret is knowing which fruit and vegetables work well with each other. To give us more of an insight, Suttons Seeds —  gardening experts and retailers of vegetable seeds — have created a useful infographic. Read on to see which crops grow well together and those that are best kept apart.

Door Issues To Look Out For When Viewing A House


When you are viewing a house you would potentially like to buy, you are probably preoccupied looking at things like how much space there is in the house or if any major works are required such as rewiring or reinstalling a boiler. However, you should also be looking out for smaller issues, such as problems with external and internal doors.


Refitting your home with brand new internal and external doors can be a costly business, so to minimise your budget it is worth checking for a a few simple signs that the doors on the property you are viewing might need changing when you move in. It can help you understand whether expensive refurbishments may or may not be required.


Avoid arguments this winter with our tips to reduce your heating bills


With one-third of couples arguing over when to take the plunge and turn on the central heating, there’s little doubt that keeping your home warm during winter can be eye-wateringly expensive.


A CORGI HomePlan survey of 2,000 UK homeowners showed that 33 per cent of people disagree over when to go for the ‘big switch on’, while the debate over the length of time the heating is cranked up each day rages on, for more than a quarter of couples.


Domestic wars are also fought over the temperature the thermostat is set to (26 per cent) and whether windows should be kept open or closed (25 per cent).


10 Top Tips for Saving on Your Energy Bills at Home

In this post, TOTO Energy, who provide discounted gas and electricity, offer a few easy tips to help save money on your energy bills at home.

Saving on bills doesn’t necessarily mean spending hundreds of pounds on home repairs or replacements. Being cautious of your actions and behaviours when going throughout your day can make more of a difference than you would think. It often seems like a daunting and time-consuming task, TOTO energy makes this all the easier by bringing you their top tips for conserving both your wallet, and the planet. 

1. Start using LED bulbs 

The UK property market is evolving

The UK property market is evolving
  • Adults are choosing to buy homes with friends rather than wait for a partner
  • Increased number of online searches for ‘tenancy in common’


The homeownership market in the UK is evolving, with more tenants choosing to buy and live in homes with friends, rather than with a partner or on their own.


To understand this emerging trend, online furniture retailer Furniture Choice conducted a UK wide survey and spoke with individuals who have already bought a house with a friend.