Broadband and moving home

Organising your broadband when moving home isn’t something you want to leave to the last minute or you could be facing delays and unnecessary extra charges. 

In the interests of making things go more smoothly on moving day, here are a few pointers for dealing with broadband when moving home.

Before you move

Contact your existing provider well in advance of the moving date. If you’re sticking with the same ISP ask what notice they require for switching service to a new address. Two weeks is typical but it can be longer. If you’re cancelling, ask what notice they need for cancellation and whether it’s going to cost anything. Cancelling early can be expensive, and fees apply even if the broadband service isn’t available at the new address.

Check broadband coverage at the new address to find out what services are available. Use the broadband checker at Search with a phone number for the most accurate results.

Look for a better deal to see if you can save money or get faster broadband. If your existing broadband contract is up for renewal it’s always worth checking the latest offer. Or ask your current provider if a faster service is available at the new home.


Staying with your current provider

If you’re going to stick with the same broadband ISP get in touch once you’ve got a move date and ask them to arrange the cancellation of your old line, and activation of service at the new property.

Provided you do this within their minimum notice period it should not be a problem to get the service up and running on the day you move in. However, there can be a delay if the existing resident does not correctly cancel their phone service. In that situation you’ll be without broadband until the line can be unblocked. If internet access is vital it’s a good idea to have a backup plan, just in case.

Switching providers

Arrange cancellation of the service for the day you move out well in advance. Leaving this to the last minute will block the line for the next occupant. 

For the new broadband provider you simply need to pick a deal and follow the registration process, and ask them to activate on the day you move. But keep in mind that the delay between signing up for a broadband deal and actually getting it can be around two weeks, sometimes more, so again you will want to do this some time in advance.

For more information, use Broadband Genie’s guide to broadband and moving home.

November 8, 2017

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