DI-Do or DI-Don’t? The professionals weigh in on the cost of a dodgy DIY job

Putting up shelves, mirrors or pictures

·         Potential damage costs: £200

Whether you’re looking increase storage space or add some character to a room, putting up shelving or artwork can seem like a quick and easy solution. However, care needs to be taken when it comes to the location of pipes and cables that you can’t see.

Andy Porter, Multi-Trade Engineer said “I saw someone recently who put a nail straight through a cold feed when fitting a bathroom mirror and flooded three floors of flats!

“Try to trace where pipes and cables could be running. Most of the time they will run vertically from a socket or tap, but if unsure, buy a digital wall detector to check the wall beforehand. You can pick these up from around £30, whereas you’d be looking at least £200 or so to cut out the plasterboard and splice in a new section of pipe to fix a DIY mishap, which could be much more if there is significant damage.”

Laying laminate flooring

·         Potential damage costs: £200 + costs for replacement boardsDI-Do or DI-Don’t? The professionals weigh in on the cost of a dodgy DIY job

When it comes to laying flooring, the potential savings from DIY are well worth thinking about, but it’s not always as easy as it may seem. Georgina adds, “Laying laminate flooring is always worth a shot, but many DIYers rush in and don’t find out the best way to do it or have the right tools to hand, and find themselves floored! The end result? Ill-fitting, uneven boards that look amateurish. They’re relatively easy for an expert to fix but will charge from £20 for labour, plus the cost of replacement boards, if you don’t have any left.”

New internal doors

·         Potential damage costs: £150

“Hanging new internal doors can seem like a simple task, but it actually takes some expertise and the expensive tools to do it correctly,” Georgina warns.

“At worst you will need a new door and a doorway made good, but certainly a professional to correct it at about £50. However, if they’re just coming to do that they may charge for a full day.” A full day’s labour can cost around £100.

Loft insulation

·         Potential damage costs: £350

Loft insulation is a home improvement job that can easily contribute to big savings in the long run on your energy bills. Whilst some people may think they can tackle this job themselves, it comes with the risk of serious damp issues if not handled correctly, which can quickly burn a hole in your wallet.

Ricky Swann of Heat Insulation Ltd advises, “The vast majority of loft insulation jobs can be paid for by a government grant, but people who go down the DIY route will often purchase the material themselves, as they do not know the grant exists. In cases where someone has undertaken a DIY job and then got damp, all the loft insulation will more than likely need replacing.

“When it is replaced, it means that the property owner has unnecessarily wasted money. In some cases, they must also have damp removal in other areas of their property due over insulating their property. Overall, the average cost for re-installation would be a minimum of £300 - £350 depending on the extent of the damage.”

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July 4, 2018

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