Eco-friendly and simple with plenty of storage: the UK’s ideal home revealed

When you think of the perfect British home, what do you imagine? A quaint country cottage or perhaps a regal manor house? 

Well, according to a survey carried out by GoCompare Mortgages it’s an ‘eco-minimalist’ detached home complete with three bedrooms and a modest, medium-sized garden.

Using the research, GoCompare teamed up with an architect from eye-kon to bring the dream house to life. 


UK’s ideal home revealed by GoCompare

While a contemporary, eco design was favoured for the exterior, a more homely look was preferred when picking interiors. Keeping it practical, over half opted for either traditional or country house style for their interior design. Both styles are versatile, with neutral tones that allow for pieces to be added and exchanged over time, creating an elegant but lived-in style.

Along with the traditional interiors, the dream home maintains the conventional layout with communal rooms, including the kitchen and living room downstairs and bedrooms upstairs.

However, Scottish homeowners were more progressive, with a third playing with standard layouts opting for a mixture of rooms across both floors. While Londoners went even further, with more than one in 10 turning convention completely on its head choosing for communal rooms upstairs and bedrooms downstairs.

Practicality continued when picked additional rooms with storage being a key factors. The three most sought-out additional rooms were a garage (46%), conservatory (40%) and a utility room. Additionally, nearly two thirds (63%) opted for a storage shed in the garden.ideal home exterior view

Keeping in theme with the simplistic, clean exterior, a fuss-free garden was favoured by respondents. While an uncomplicated garden was selected, water features proved popular garden additions, 

More than a third (35%) wanted a water feature, a quarter (25%) craved a pond and 24% splashed out on a hot tub.

Eco-friendly additions were also high priority with 90% of respondents chose to include eco-friendly features in their ideal home. On average, 60% of people would include solar panels on their ideal home, with people from Wales (70%), the South West (68%) and the North West (63%) the most likely to use them. Large proportions of respondents also said they’d include rainwater harvesting features (51%) and eco-friendly lighting (46%).

Two fifths of us dream of building our own home and aspiring to own your own home is ingrained in our cultural DNA.

From both an investment and a borrowing perspective it’ll always come down to resale value. Whatever you spend on building or improving your home should add value - and it only adds value if other buyers agree and are willing to part with their cash for your property.

So, how much is the house worth? Well it’s all about location. Estate Agents CPS Homes valued this house at £149,000 if it was located in Treherbert, a small village in the Welsh valleys. While Countrywide, valued it at £2 million if located in Beaconsfield in Buckinghamshire.

November 15, 2017

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