First time buyers reap the rewards of choosing energy-efficient new-build homes

First time buyers are reaping the benefits of buying new homes in West Sussex, but many are unaware of the significant savings to be made on energy bills alone. 

When asked in a poll conducted by five star housebuilder Barratt, 80 percent of people predicted up to £400 a year could be saved on heating bills, thanks to advanced technology in new-build homes.

In fact, the figure is closer to £1,312 on a four bedroom detached property, compared with an improved Victorian home of a similar size.

“More and more first time buyers are opting for new homes - but many are still unaware of the technology that forms an integral part of the build,” said Barratt sales director Michelle Storer.First time buyers reap the rewards of choosing energy-efficient new-build homes

“This, combined with the tools to closely control the temperature, makes choosing new over an older property a much more attractive prospect. The savings are far greater than most people believe - even on a smaller home. Buyers with a three bedroom semi-detached house could keep up to £840 each year, which would otherwise be spent on heating.

“For first time buyers, knowing you won’t waste your precious finances just by trying to keep your home warm is very reassuring. New-build properties are becoming increasingly popular because people can move in knowing they need do absolutely nothing in terms of maintenance. They can just settle in and enjoy their very first steps into the property market.”

The age of a property is one of the biggest influences on a heating bill even if improvements have been made.

New homes are up to 55 per cent more energy efficient than older ones with features such as highly efficient boilers and modern low heat loss cylinders which keep water hotter for longer making a huge difference.

“Today, new homes are designed to be attractive even to those who may previously have felt the amount of space on offer is less than in an older, more traditional, property,” added Michelle.

“Our buyers know they will find plenty of room to grow into when they choose Barratt - but they also enjoy the benefits of the techniques our construction teams use - with technology specifically designed to reduce heating bills.

“Also important to many is the impact new homes have on the environment. Our builds offer a greener lifestyle, with lower carbon dioxide emissions than older properties.”

New technology in Barratt homes includes:

Energy efficient boilers – the latest technology to provide heating and hot water

Higher performance double glazing – which is now better than even ten years ago

More insulation – floors, walls and lofts are highly insulated to minimise heat loss

First time buyers wishing to find out how they can save money on energy bills on new-build homes can find out more by visiting

January 29, 2018

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