From flat to flowers: A first-time buyer’s guide to owning a garden

As young people are spending almost six times more on rent than their baby-boomer counterparts, the concept of owning a garden is unfortunately a myth to many. If you are lucky enough to have made the leap on the property ladder, or your flat comes with some luscious greenery, you may be wondering where to start.


Gardening is a tough process of trial and error, but you will learn from it, be kept busy and might even grow some free food in the process too! Follow our beginner’s tips below and you will be set to get your green fingers in no time.


Pick seeds over plants

When beginning gardening there will be trial and error, but mainly error. Seeds are vastly cheaper than buying plants outright. It also gives you multiple attempts at growing plants, rather than delicately looking after that one plant like Wall-E.


Plant more than you needFrom flat to flowers: A first-time buyer’s guide to owning a garden

With all of these seeds you have, you can plant way more than you actually need, because sadly, not all of your seeds will grow. Regardless of how hard you try.


Build raised beds

Raised plant beds make it easier to keep the critters and weeds out, meaning your first garden experience will be easier and more effective. They can be cheaply made with some old wood, nails and a cardboard layer beneath.


Get the right blend

Just like your morning coffee, the right blend is essential. A 50/50 mix of soil and compost is a good start and this should be one of the first things you do before anything is planted. Remember to get rid of all the weeds and nasty plant eaters before soiling your new bed too!


Use self watering pots

Some days you might forget to water your new friends so self watering pots are an essential for your new home’s extension. These pots have an added water supply in the gap between the inner and outer pot, less work is good work.


Don’t overwater

Drowning your new garden isn’t going to do anyone any favours, rain is your best friend and if you are uncertain on how often to water a certain plant - check out the section below on help. In addition, collect rainwater for an extra bonus to keep water bill costs down and to have an easy supply in your new garden.


Ask for help

If you don’t have a lovely gardening neighbour, then the internet can offer you a wealth of advice. Reddit has various subreddits devoted to gardening including Vegetable Gardening and UrbanGardening if your gardening space is restricted. Alternatively there are many gardening blogs where you can get news and reviews all the time.

From flat to flowers: A first-time buyer’s guide to owning a garden

Don’t be afraid, your gardening project is as big as you let it get, just remember to enjoy the fact that you have one and design it however you as an individual want to.


Andy Baxter is the managing director of Internet Gardener, a company based in Nottingham, who specialise in garden accessories, furniture, equipment, buildings and indoor living accessories.



November 14, 2017

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