How to get your home guest-ready this christmas season


Christmas is just around the corner.  You know what that means - soon you’ll be opening your doors to guests bearing gifts, food and drink. If there are bits of your home you’re not keen to show off, but you can’t splash out on pricey improvements, consider these affordable and easy overhauls to transform your living space and get your home guest-ready for Christmas.


Border tile

If you’re in a panic to get the guest room en-suite looking chic, have no fear. Opt for a plain budget tile to create a blank canvas in your bathroom. Combine this with an eye-catching mosaic border tile (Bisel Blanco, £16.00 per m²) to add a pop of colour or texture to your tile design (Modular Reflective Mix, £16.99 ea). This combination allows you to make a big impact on a small budget, in good time for the festive celebrations.



A splashback can really transform a kitchen or bathroom and you don’t have to spend a fortune to get a great effect. Select a small area, like behind a bathroom sink, and choose a statement tile like metallic mosaic to bring a sense of drama and interest into the bathroom space (Kandy Ash Hexagon Mosaic, £11.99 ea).


Update grout lines

One of the most underrated and overlooked, yet cost effective, ways to give your home a fresh new look is by updating grout lines. Contrasting your grout colour with the colour of the tiles creates an instant update to any room. This also brings a sense a space. Similarly, if the aim is to make a room feel smaller and cosier, choose a grout colour closer to that of the colour of tile. If you really want to add festive sparkle to your tile design opt for glitter grout, the perfect addition to your home (MapeGlitter Silver 100g, £22.65)christmas season tile


Give them a clean

Clean white grout with a white tile is timeless - however, white grout can stain more easily. If your grout is looking a little grubby, then give it a quick clean. Grout responds very well to the cleaning powers of acids – such as those found in vinegar – and the whitening properties of baking soda. To make an effective tile grout cleaner, simply mix the two into a thick paste. Apply to your grout and leave it for 30 minutes before scrubbing off with a toothbrush.



Tiles have many uses in the home, they’re not just for the walls and floors. Get creative and upcycle old pieces of furniture to give them a new lease of life. Upcycling is fun and cost effective - giving you a real sense of satisfaction as it’s a solo project. By doing so, you can let your creativity run free and use a range of colours to create a beautiful mosaic statement piece.

Tile Giant

November 22, 2017

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