Designer Tips for Getting Your Home Guest-Ready This Christmas

Aside from furiously fluffing pillows, hunting for the guest-towels and making sure the house hound has had his monthly bath, there’s a lot of satisfaction to be found in adding design touches to your home ahead of the festive period. ‘Tis the season of hospitality, and although it’s almost a full twelve months since last Christmas, there’s hardly a moment left to prepare your home for the most wonderful time of the year. Not this year. This year we’re getting prepared. From the guest-bedroom to the bathroom to the all important kitchen and dining spaces, there are lots of designer-inspired ways to create the warm welcome every weary festive traveller deserves.

Deck the hall…

Think of your hallway as a gallery. Take inspiration from top interior designers and create a picture wall. Go for a uniform frame style or get eclectic depending on your chosen interior scheme. Your guests are unlikely to spend time reading in the hallway, so there’s no need for over-the-top lighting, but an elegant console table and lamp will provide a warm glow and enough light for shoelaces to be tied with.

Designer’s tip: if you go for a busy picture wall in your hallway, focus on the simple beauty of material finishes in your console table and lamp to avoid cluttering the aesthetic of the space.Designer Tips for Getting Your Home Guest-Ready This Christmas

Be our guest…

It’s easy to forget that a spare bedroom is as much as a feature in your home as every other space, so put yourself in the shoes of your visitors. Think about what your guests need and how they might use the room. Add decor accordingly, including beautiful bedside lighting for book-lovers and perhaps a lamp next to the mirror so beauty routines can be completed in the bedroom, rather than limited to the busier-than-usual bathroom.

Designer’s tip: think of your spare bedroom as a chance to play with design. Use it as an opportunity to play with bold design ideas and experimental styling. Give your guests something to talk about!

Eat with your eyes…

Everyone knows that Christmas dinner is the main event in the culinary calendar. Crown your feast with a suitably grand chandelier. Contemporary chandeliers needn’t feel old-fashioned but provide the sense of grandeur your banquet demands.
Designer’s tip: when it comes to dining tables you can afford to hang your chandelier a little lower, because nobody is going to be standing beneath it. Doing so changes the dynamics of the room and creates a noteworthy look.

Shine a little light…

Nothing says cosy evenings and cinnamon-scented mulled wine like the warm glow of a wall light. Perfect for every dark evening, not just at Christmas, adding one or two lamps to your wall, rather than using just the main hanging pendant light or harsh spotlights, provides a curated glow bright enough to light the room but soft enough to create atmosphere just where you want it.

Designer’s tip: wall lights are a great choice to highlight a bold wallcovering or much-loved piece of art, just be sure to check with the artist or dealer that light won’t damage the work.

Think of the future…

If you’re working to a budget when styling your guest-bedroom, remember that table lamps and free-standing accessories can be moved at any time. When choosing task lighting for the room, think about how a change of bulb or simple dimmer switch might allow you to use the same lamp as a great mood-lighting addition in another space.

Designer’s tip: remember to ask the experts what bulbs will work best for what lamps and spaces. Any lighting designer or supplier should be able to advise appropriately and may have some style secrets up their sleeve.


November 15, 2018

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