How To Build A Gallery Wall In Your First Home's Product Manager, Jen Bayne, talks us through how to build your perfect gallery wall.


1.The first step is to collect, collect, collect. Start making a collection of things you love - from original art, to handmade prints or photographs. As you are collecting think about the scale of your possible collection and the arrangement you want - do you want to keep them all the same size or work in a mixture of different sizes? Look for inspiration online, in your favourite cafes and restaurants or at home shows and exhibitions.


2. When you have a selection you’re happy with, pick out your favourites and group by themes e.g. 'family', 'memorable places', 'happy events' or a mix that means something to you. For art or prints, select colours that go with your room decor or suit the tone of the room you want to display them in. Or just ones that make you happy!


3. Decide if odd or even numbers work best. Sometimes even numbers work well in regimented groups of the same size but with more random arrangements or collections they work better with odd numbers.

How To Build A Gallery Wall In Your First Home

4. Measure your wall space and lay your collection on the floor. Stand back and look at them all together (allow a bit of space between them for the frames). Does anything jump out as wrong - if so take it out. Or is there room for you to add more? Take a photo of your possible combinations!


5. When you are happy get your frames. You need to decide whether you want them to blend in with or contrast with the wall, or to stand out in their own right. Decide if you want them all exactly the same, or if you want lots of different colours. Maybe even think about collecting different styles of frame in the same colour. Are they going to be different sizes? If you’re buying artwork it might be easier to buy pieces framed or ready to hang on box canvases.


6. The final arrangement. Take your time with this. Did you want neat rows or an organic arrangement? Look at your original photos. Do the framed pieces still fit your plan? Do you need to swap anything? When you are happy take another picture.

How To Build A Gallery Wall In Your First Home

7. Hanging: you’ll need nails or picture hooks and a hammer. Some people go the whole hog and make themselves paper templates, which will help if you’re a first timer! You’ll also need a pencil and rubber, a ruler and wall filler in case of mistakes! Draw lightly on the walls where the top corners of the frames will be. Measure and mark how much lower down the picture frame you want your nail holes! Start hammering and get them all up. Use a spirit level to make sure everything is straight!


8. Stand back and enjoy! Bask in the glory of your creation.


9. Your gallery can easily be swapped or updated whenever you feel with new favourites over the years. Just decide what you want to take down and either remount or replace it with a similar sized piece.

How To Build A Gallery Wall In Your First Home

February 27, 2017

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