Interior DIY tips to run your home in an energy efficient way

How we decorate our homes can make a huge difference to the amount of energy we use and pay for. Here are some top tips from Hoppy on how use interior design for your home in an energy efficient way:

Rearrange furniture

If your main source of heat is covered by large pieces of furniture such a sofas or cabinets then the heat won’t travel very far and it won’t be keeping you warm! Arrange your furniture around radiators instead to give the heat plenty of opportunity to circulate and heat the room. 

Rethink the colour of your interior walls

The colour you paint your walls may not be an obvious factor to think about when considering efficient heating but different paint colours can actually have a huge impact on your energy consumption. Dark Interior DIY with dogcolours absorb heat while light colours like whites and creams reflect heat. Using a darker colour to decorate the room you spend the most amount of time in is a great way to reduce your energy usage.

Invest in a good pair of thick curtains

A good, thick pair of curtains or blinds can act as a great barrier against the outside elements and stop heat escaping your home through the windows - while also stopping the cold air getting in!

Cover up the floor!

Did you know that we can lose up to 10% of the heat in our home through the floor? Make sure to cover any bare floors with rugs to keep the heat from escaping from beneath you, or if you would rather your floors to be carpeted, invest in carpet with thermal underlay – an extra defence against the heat escaping!


November 1, 2018

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