Low Heater Pressure Causes 42 Arguments Per Household Each Year

Recent statistics from the UK’s leading shower and domestic pump manufacturer, Salamander Pumps, has revealed that the country’s water pressure is the source of more than just mild frustration, and as the nation gets busier, it seems our water pressure issues are causing stress levels to rocket!

A whopping 40% of the UK says that poor water pressure – resulting in trickly showers, slow filing cisterns and painfully slow-filling baths; has an impact on their daily lives. Furthermore, 43% of those questioned would even go as far as to say that their lacklustre water pressure has a negative impact on their mental state.

When questioned about how they feel when they emerge from their ‘low pressure’ trickle of a shower, almost a quarter admitted they become ‘frustrated’ (23%), a fifth are ‘annoyed’ and 11% even declared they felt ‘unclean.’

It seems as though it’s not just personal happiness that’s affected by this common problem – relationships with others are at risk from the pressure of low pressure! Situations such as stealing someone’s water from the shower actually leads to 42 household arguments per year.

Even routine daily tasks are affected – with almost a fifth (19%) of people opting out of washing their car, 16% not bothering to water their garden and 14% putting off having their shower or bath!

It doesn’t stop there - one in five of us have actually been late to work as a result of their less than enthusiastic water stream – not only setting us up for the day in a bad mood, but also getting us in trouble in the workplace.

The five areas in the UK with the worst pressure are:Low Heater Pressure Causes 42 Arguments Per Household Each Year

London (51%)

West Midlands (43%)

Yorkshire (41%)

North West (40%)

Wales (40%)

Gareth Richards, technical director at Salamander Pumps comments: “Although living with poor water pressure can be unbearable at times, there are solutions available. Salamander launched the HomeBoost pump in 2012 and it has a proven track record of providing a solution to low water pressure and improving combi boiler performance. The Home Boost is an intelligent pump that can be fitted directly onto the mains and will increase flow up to 12 l/min as allowed within the Water Regulations (1999). Alternatively, if you have a gravity fed system with a water tank in the loft and a hot water cylinder in the airing cupboard a Salamander shower pump will boost water performance.

“Although nearly a half of Brits (49%) of those questioned did not know it was possible to improve their water pressure we hope that we can help to educate people that this isn’t something they have to live with forever! There is a solution that can help and at a fraction of the cost that you may think. It really can make such a big difference to your daily life!”

Doctor Kavita Vedhara (PhD), Professor of Health Psychology at the University of Nottingham comments: “The survey findings confirm that low water pressure is a widespread problem, which is affecting people’s emotional well-being. We might expect these harmful effects to be short-lived, however, the survey suggests that they are persistent and that people often feel they have little control over them.

"Problems and situations that people have little control over can be causes of stress and we know from other research that stressful situations are not only associated with low mood, but that they can even result in changes in the immune systems. If the stress continues for long periods of time, it can contribute to ill health (by making the immune system less effective) and can make existing illnesses worse.”



October 23, 2018

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