Maintaining a modern development’s security, without detriment to its design.

London is a metropolis filled with a limitless collection of buildings reflecting our treasured, age-old culture. From Buckingham Palace to traditional British pubs and iconic Victorian town houses, our capital is steeped in historic architecture and boasts charm from all angles. However, as the city becomes increasingly cosmopolitan and adapts to the urban preferences of a modernised society, newly erected buildings appear to demonstrate more chic, crisp and savvy design; reflecting our re-found willingness to push boundaries and exceed aesthetic expectations.


It has recently been reported that new homes could be built in London using rooftop development space, which wouldn’t alter the skyline and provide much needed affordable housing. It is suggested that up to 41,000 new homes could be constructed, creating 28 million square feet of modern residential space with a potential value of £51 billion. Within the proposed designs for these new builds, are interior characteristics adhering to modern preferences of contemporary buyers; including a predominantly white colour base, large windows, metal features and sharp lines. 


Evidently, the construction of new builds within our popular capital boasts an infinite array of benefits, with regards to both domestic and commercial units, such as modern fitness centres which largely appeal to the wider population. However, necessary security maintenance and new fire safety legislations must be considered; Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London, for example has reported, following the Grenfell Disaster, that all major developments must be accompanied by an independent ‘Fire Statement’ produced by a third-party assessor. 


It is believed by some in the building design community that security and fire safety methods may conflict with the architectural priorities of developers who wish to complete modern buildings, without detracting from the simplicity of their designs. However, this need not be the case; experts from Knightsbridge Fire and Security, a London-based firm with extensive experience working with new-builds and modern interiors, outline several key ways in which a sleek design may be maintained:

security design

1. Consider alternative security measures:

External fencing or buried sensors along a border can help to reduce break in’s by preventing a crime before it’s even happened. It’s always useful to check regulations as to acceptable height, but a perimeter fence of some description in any instance gives modern developments one more layer of defence which – as external – need not disrupt the aesthetics of the design.


2. Seek professional expertise: 

In order to best ensure your security and fire prevention methods are sufficient yet subtle, therefore meeting your design needs, it is recommended that a third-party industry expert be sought. As a consequence, you will be advised on how any installations can be tailored to the unique design of your property, with firms such as Knightsbridge Fire and Security offering a bespoke service and aesthetically adaptable protection methods for new builds across London and surrounding areas. 


Purchasing protection equipment such as alarms and CCTV from mass production facilities of your own accord could spell disaster for both the appearance of the building, and may risk poor adherence to less widely recognised fire safety regulations.


3. Aesthetics first does not mean security should come last:

Of course, seeking an assessor’s advice will increase the likelihood of exposure to the latest industry technology. However, it is essential for all relevant parties to prioritise the quality of security and fire prevention methods, particularly for commercial buildings. Although the development of modern new builds often proves to be costly, this does not mean that shortcuts should to be made with regards to the quality of security equipment; there are many system options available that are affordable, efficient and subtle. For example, you can find security systems which are both monitored and unmonitored, making a substantial difference to your monthly costs.

Should you require further assistance with your security, contact Knightsbridge Fire & Security at 02070 995 552, or 1st Floor, 239 Kensington High Street, London, W8 6SN.



December 13, 2017

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