Swann’s Top Tips to Make Your Home and Family More Secure

With less than two weeks until clocks go back, providing an increased risk of potential home burglaries, Swann, the global leader in DIY security, is providing great security deals and top tips throughout October.

Paul Birch, VP Europe at Swann, is sharing his top home security tips on how to use smart home technology to make your home and family more secure. These tips are a must read for consumers looking to bolster their home security for the winter months.

Paul Birch says: “With our recent research showing that one-third of consumers now own smart home kit, and 37% believe the number one benefit is that it keeps their homes and families safe, we encourage tech-savvy consumers to look at the following five ways to make their home more secure.”

Get to know your neighbours

“Keep an eye out for one another, and notify the police if you see something suspicious. An effective way to watch the neighbourhood is to setup a WhatsApp, WeChat, Slack or Facebook Messenger group. Using these messaging apps, neighbours can post anything of concern and keep a watchful neighbourhood eye on the community.”

Minimise your digital footprint

“We all have a digital footprint these days. With smart home technology, we are sharing our physical footprint as well. Opportunistic thieves target you via social media so do not leave public posts about where you live or when you travel or other private information on social platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.”

Install a preventative security system

“Surveillance systems are the number one deterrent for potential burglars. Smart security systems from Swann now have the ability to detect faces and scene changes. With alerts sent on the spot to your Swann’s Top Tips to Make Your Home and Family More Securesmartphone you can take the appropriate action, such as notifying neighbours, friends or authorities. Some of our newer cameras with heat-sensing and two-way audio features also allow you to warn intruders that they are being watched and recorded, which is often enough to prevent a potential break in.”

Lock windows and doors

“Lock up even when you’re not home and keep it tidy so it looks lived in. Modern smart locks allow you to remotely check and lock your doors when you may have forgotten. They are also great to allow package deliveries while watching with a connected video camera or when you’re running late and guests arrive early.”

Keep your phone, wallet and keys near you

“Burglars will target these so keep them near you at night, you can use your phone to call police if there is a disturbance. Enabling native phone tracking with iOS Find My iPhone or Android’s Find my Device helps with stolen phones. Furthermore, mobile Personal Security (mPERS) services and apps allow you to be in instant contact with professional monitoring services and authorities while you are at home or when you go for a run.”

Make it look like you’re home, even when you’re not

“Burglars look to target empty houses, so it’s a good idea to make it look like you’re at home when the house is empty. This can be done by simply leaving a visible light switched on, or for a more energy efficient method, you could use smart plugs to turn lamps and TVs on and off remotely. A great way to out-think potential thieves.”


October 22, 2018

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