The UK’s Ideal Modern Home Revealed – And It’s Not What You Would Expect

·         Almost one quarter of Brits dream of living in a hobbit house
·         One in 10 would love to live in a converted boat, canal barge or floating house
·         Thatched cottages and country kitchens favoured over modern homes


With the likes of George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces and Kevin McCloud on Grand Designs showing the UK the possibilities of progressive and alternative housing solutions, Brits are feeling inspired.
New research from online interiors retailer, has found that the eclectic and traditional home is most appealing, as opposed to modern open-plan living.  In fact, the most coveted feature of a modern dream home is a country kitchen (41%), particularly for women (54%).
The most desirable unconventional property, according to respondents, is a traditional thatched cottage (32% would live there), followed by a sustainable property (28%) and a converted chapel or church (26%).  Nearly one quarter of respondents found the idea of a fantasy-inspired ‘Hobbit House’ exciting.
When considering green home credentials, sustainability is more important to men than women, with almost a third of men (31%) making it a priority compared to just a quarter of women.
Over 50% of moving decisions are swayed by location, with Brits fantasising about a quiet rural setting. This came hand-in-hand with the second most important factor - a decent sized garden plot.

The UK’s Ideal Modern Home Revealed – And It’s Not What You Would Expect

More than half of Brits would rather live in a small home in a premium location as opposed to a home with more square footage in a cheaper area.
Surprisingly, school catchment area, commuter transport links and local crime rates were only important to 17% of the respondents.
Matteo Fabbi at, said: “Interiors magazines are adorned with minimalist, modern interiors full of clean lines, shiny surfaces and open spaces, but actually our research has found that people are more in favour of cosy homes with traditional features and period character.”


The UK’s most desired unconventional homes include:The UK’s Ideal Modern Home Revealed – And It’s Not What You Would Expect
1.    Traditional thatched cottage
2.    Sustainable home
3.    Converted period chapel
4.    Eco-log cabin
5.    Hobbit house
6.    Glass house
7.    Converted boat or canal barge
8.    Urban micro-apartment
9.    Floating house
10.  Lighthouse


The top 10 ‘dream home’ features are:The UK’s Ideal Modern Home Revealed – And It’s Not What You Would Expect
1.    Country kitchen
2.    Swimming pool & spa facilities
3.    Walk in wardrobe
4.    Cinema room
5.    Converted outhouse
6.    A library
7.    A man cave
8.    Hidden room
9.    Secret wine cellar
10.  Outdoor bathtub


Other desired features include; a games room with indoor bowling lanes, a model train showroom, a golf practice green, a gym and garden rooms.
Take a look inside the nation’s dream interiors here.


February 21, 2017

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