Wales found to be the most vigilant area of the UK in terms of home security

A recent survey has found Wales to have the most vigilant neighbours in the entirety of the United Kingdom. The survey, conducted by Direct Line Home Insurance, found that those living in Wales are the most likely to be proactive in the case of a neighbour’s alarm being sounded. Following closely behind are areas such as the South East and the East Midlands. In comparison, London came out at the very bottom of the table, with under 60% of residents saying they would help a neighbour in need as opposed to nearly 80% in Wales. When looking at personal home security, Wales also came out towards the top of the results – behind the East Midlands, Welsh residents have the second highest amount of smart alarms to protect their homes. However, although it would seem that home security is a priority for those living in Wales, other statistics revealed by the same survey may suggest otherwise.

With potential burglars using holiday snaps as confirmation of a home being vacant, 1 in 7 Welsh residents admit to uploading updates from abroad on their social media accounts – effectively an invitation into an empty home for thieves. 78% of burglaries happen because people post their whereabouts on social media, so this is perhaps a startling statistic for many.Wales found to be the most vigilant area of the UK in terms of home security

In comparison, the North East ranked at the bottom of the table with only 4.88% posting holiday snaps to social media (compared to Wales’ 14.29%), and 6.38% of London residents doing the same.

So, what does this suggest? Overall, home security isn’t a huge priority for many areas in the UK at all – even Wales. But, with advancements in the market arriving this year, from smart home security cameras to advanced smart speakers, expect it to become a much bigger trend in the coming months.

Amazon looks to be a frontrunner in the home security market, with its Echo smart speaker getting a camera counterpart this year. That’s not to mention the acquisition of start-up company Blink, which specialises in monitoring systems for any home.

And, with many more technological advancements and innovative equipment in the home security field being promised and rolled out this year, it’s no wonder it’s looking to account for approximately $47 billion of the entire $100 billion market by 2020.

Now’s the time to think about your own home security, and get ahead of the trend before it’s too late.

February 1, 2018

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