Why is it important to use MyEnergy before switching supplier in your new home?

Put simply, because it can save you £100s of pounds on your energy bills-and make your dream holiday a reality as a result.

In recent times, energy bills have risen to an unprecedented level, having almost doubled in the past 20 years. With household finances squeezed like an old tube of toothpaste, there’s never been a more topical time to seek out alternatives, and switch to a smarter solution...

Make The Switch In Three Simple Steps
The best things in life are simple, and switching is no exception. You can make the switch in three simple steps with the help of MyEnergy, enabling you to transfer to the most price-friendly tariff, from the comfort of your own home. Simply:
1.    Enter your details
2.    Compare tariffs
3.    Switch and save!

We'll also provide you with a comprehensive energy summary of your current usage, as well as specific, savvy solutions to reduce your output. In addition to this, we offer advice and tips on the latest energy saving updates, so that you can put your price-saving plan of attack, into immediate action.


Why is it important to use MyEnergy before switching supplier in your new home?

A Personalised Quote, Bespoke To Your Needs
Here at MyEnergy, we’re committed to providing you with a free, personalised quote, bespoke to your household needs. Your energy usage is as individual as you are, and it’s our job to respect that.
We reflect this philosophy in our energy comparison pricing structure, which compares not only a wide range of energy companies, but also takes into consideration personal preferences for energy usage.
For example, plans that have a standing charge, with a subsequent lower cost per unit for electricity and gas, might work out very cost-effective for a person who uses a significant amount of electricity on a daily basis, yet exorbitant for someone with more minimal usage.
Perhaps you work from home, and need a tariff that takes into account the necessity of being plugged in 24/7? Alternatively, you may be away from your property for significant, consecutive periods on business, and want to see this reduced output reflected in your energy costings?
Whatever your individual circumstances, with My Energy, you can choose the most cost-effective plan not only for the dictates of today, but also for the demands of tomorrow.


Why is it important to use MyEnergy before switching supplier in your new home?

We Drill Down Into The Details So You Don't Have To
It's no secret that the prices put forward by many gas and electricity suppliers tend to fluctuate more than the stock market, so it’s worth considering what’s really being offered once you blast past the bluster.
At My Energy, we drill deep down into the details so that you don’t have to, analysing all aspects of each deal, to source you the best-fit solution.
We're dedicated to clearing up consumer confusion, tackling troublesome tariffs so that you know what you're really signing up for when you commit to company. Think of us an energy-saving super sleuth, and you get the idea.
If you’re driven to drive down your energy bills, but detest unwanted disruption, you’ll be pleased to know that switching providers really is a piece of proverbial cake. Your energy will simply be delivered through the same pipes and cables as your current supply.
Indeed, your new and present gas and electric suppliers will arrange all aspects of the transfer, ensuring a smooth and seamless transition that saves you money, and minimises upheaval all round.

Why is it important to use MyEnergy before switching supplier in your new home?

Save £100s Of Pounds...and Make Your Dream Family Holiday A Reality!
Seeking substantial savings on your energy bills? With MyEnergy, you can save £100s of pounds on your energy bills...and make your dream family holiday a reality!
You can't control energy price hikes, but you can claim back your power from providers, by taking your custom elsewhere. Unless you're locked into a long-term, fixed tariff, you can easily transfer to a more price-friendly provider, subsequently saving you money.
And it's not mere pennies; we're talking £100s of pounds annually-money which can be allocated to making your dream family holiday a reality instead!
Additionally, many suppliers also offer extra incentives in their plans, especially if you pay for your energy by Direct Debit.

Still seeking further savings? Opt for online billing. You’ll simply receive your gas and electricity bill via either an online account or email, providing an immediate overview of your usage, and saving you the hassle of hunting around for an illustrious paper bill that proves impossible to lay your hands on.

Don’t delay switching your energy supplier. You can save up to £290 on your utility bills. How? MyEnergy will help you all the way through the process. Take the first step now, go to MyEnergy


April 6, 2017

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