How To Get That Warm Feeling This Winter with ECO Duvet

Snuggle under a luxurious ECO duvet that hasn’t cost the earth to produce

The Fine Bedding Company ECO Duvet, from £45

The new ECO Duvet has been created by an eco friendly bedding brand championing sustainable production. (In fact the company has just been awarded the Global Recycled Standard (GRS) – showing it is leading the way in its processes.) 

The ECO Duvet is the UK’s first luxury duvet made entirely from recycled materials, 100 per cent of it – from the cover to the filling.

Recycled plastic bottles (120 to make a double duvet) are used to create soft, silky micro fibres. The filling is encased in a soft touch microfibre cover made from 100% recycled yarn. 

The layered fibres provide weightless warmth and allow the body to breathe in exactly the same way as with other luxury fibre filled products.

The ECO Duvet is washable (in a domestic machine) and quick drying. It is also hypoallergenic.How To Get That Warm Feeling This Winter with ECO Duvet

Prices start at just £45 for a single 10.5 tog duvet up to £85 for a superking.  

It’s available to buy online at

NIMBUS PEARL SMARTDOWN Winter Duvet, from £169

The SMARTDOWN duvet has also been produced in a sustainable way but has been created to offer an alternative to goose down duvets (so it’s Vegan friendly too). 

Its silky soft fibres mimic the finest goose down, and what’s brilliant is that the fibres are spun from recycled plastic (PET) and then blown in such a way that they stimulate the hand feel and warmth of natural down. The duvets, in a cassette construction, also feature a 280-thread count sustainably sourced cotton cover that’s finished by hand.

Both products are made in The Fine Bedding Company’s Eco Factory using 100% renewable energy sources.


October 29, 2018

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