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12 pieces of advice for first time buyers

12 pieces of advice for first time buyers

Buying your first home can be a daunting task to undertake. From working out where to buy, through to actually moving in, there is a lot to consider and not a decision that should be rushed.
So to help here are our 12 key pieces of advice when buying your first home:
1.       Don’t be rushed into buying by a pushy estate agent. They will often arrange ‘open days’ where they will invite several prospective purchasers to view at the same time. This is designed to create emotional fear that someone else will make an offer before you do.
2.       Set your limit and don’t go above it. There will always be another property in another street or another town that will suit you.

How To Build A Gallery Wall In Your First Home

How To Build A Gallery Wall In Your First Home's Product Manager, Jen Bayne, talks us through how to build your perfect gallery wall.


1.The first step is to collect, collect, collect. Start making a collection of things you love - from original art, to handmade prints or photographs. As you are collecting think about the scale of your possible collection and the arrangement you want - do you want to keep them all the same size or work in a mixture of different sizes? Look for inspiration online, in your favourite cafes and restaurants or at home shows and exhibitions.


Tips For Buying A New Mattress For Your First Home

Tips For Buying Your New Mattress In Your First Home

The savvy mattress shopper

Buying a mattress for the first time or replacing one, strikes fear into the hearts of many. Let’s battle that fear and find your ideal mattress for sleeping, reading and ‘exercising’ with these five savvy tips.



Decide upfront what your budget is. This is a budget for the next eight years! Forget pillows, sheets and bedframes. Set a budget for your mattress, then stick to it.

A £600 double mattress over 8 years costs 21p per night!

You can spend a few bob or thousands of pounds, anything is possible. Either way, start with the most expensive option you can afford and work your way down.