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Follow TV property expert’s advice on future-proofing your new home purchase

Clive Holland advises on choosing a new home

It’s easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of buying a new home, but choose carefully – you may still live there for years to come and it’s important that your home stands the test of time for your family…

OK, so you fancy buying a spanking new build or maybe you already have? Possibly, you’ve sold an older property and made the switch or you are first time buyers that have taken advantage of the government’s Help to Buy scheme? It’s a brilliant option that helps give you a leg-up onto the property ladder. You can find plenty of details online, via mortgage brokers and house builders etc, of course you can source great information via this very magazine and associated website too.  

Artisan – built with the future in mind

Artisan living room

Just a stone’s throw from the centre of Hove and a short stroll from the beach, Artisan is a contemporary collection of 1, 2 & 3 bedroom luxurious apartments available to purchase via Shared Ownership. Situated in the popular Seven Dials district and less than a mile away from the hustle and bustle of Hove, you’ll find a selection of quirky cafés, pubs, restaurants and shops all within easy reach.

Artisan also benefits from superb transport connections, with both Hove and Brighton railway stations just a short walk away. 

Interior design: Escape the snow by going retro

Retro interior design collection from Icon - grey fluffy beanbag

A fusion of contemporary and retro style and a focus on wellbeing in interior design can help turn your home into a warm, welcoming escape from the cold this winter, says trend analyst and designer Allison Chatten…

As lead designer at British furniture brand Icon, Allison says ‘future retro’ is set to be a very popular trend this winter. “It’s about refined sophistication and combining a love of vintage and heritage with a more playful, modern atmosphere”, she said. “In short, it’s combining contemporary fabric technology, an awareness of mood-mindful textures with looks inspired by high-end 60s and 70s fashion and design such as Prada and Hermès.

It's love at first sight for home buyers

Anna and Nathan, with their baby, went on many a house viewing  but fell in love at first sight with a Countryside home

With one in two UK homeowners partaking in just one house viewing before making an offer, home builder Countryside has teamed up with relationship expert, John Donlon, to uncover just what makes us lead with our hearts when it comes to buying a new home.

According to a recent survey by Countryside, it took just one house viewing for 53%* of homeowners before purchasing their home, describing the experience as ‘love at first sight’. An additional 25% stated that only a second house viewing was needed before making a final decision. 

Top 5 ways to decorate your new home on a budget

Top 5 ways to decorate your new home on a budget

Top 5  The day has finally come. No more renting, and no more landlord to tell you and your flatmates that you’ll be fined for making your home your own – even that time you only wanted to blue-tac up a poster. Now, you’ve got your new Shared Ownership home, and it’s up to you how it looks. But where to start – and how to decide on something everyone’s happy with? Before you start arguing, take a look at the top 5 tips from L&Q – quick fixes that everyone can get on board with, and that won’t break the bank.

Moving on up: upcycle cheap furniture

Couple prepare for new home in the country

Couple prepare for new home in the country

As the UK celebrates Rural Housing Week, a Staffordshire couple are preparing to move into their first home together with the help of the area's leading provider of affordable homes for rent and shared ownership.

Thanks to a partnership between Stafford and Rural Homes (SARH) and a leading house builder, Stacey Robinson and fiancé William O'Hara now have the keys to a brand new, one-bedroomed apartment in the village of Eccleshall.

Stacey, 24, has lived most of her life in the area but she says she was facing a move away from family and friends due to the increasing cost of housing in and around the village.

Bickering Over Household Rules

Bickering Over Household Rules

When it comes to the home it seems we are a nation of rule-enforcers, but this could be at the expense of a harmonious household, according to new research. The survey of 1,067 UK and Irish adults conducted by heating oil supplier, Super Saver Oil revealed how more than half (53%) have fallen out with a household member over rules in the home.

In fact, 1 in 3 (33%) of adults questioned wished they lived on their own because co-habitants don’t follow rules in the home.

When quizzed on the rules in the home, the most common rule was revealed as no shoes on the furniture (62%).

Meanwhile, no phones at the dinner table came in second place, with 46% admitting to implementing this rule.

L&Q launches PricedIn Living campaign

L&Q launches PricedIn Living campaign

Dedicated to helping first time buyers take their first step onto the property ladder, L&Q has launched its PricedIn Living campaign, to demonstrate how buyers can settle in with Shared Ownership - an alternative route onto the housing ladder.

With lower deposits available on developments across London and the South East, Shared Ownership with L&Q gives you the peace of mind to settle in to your new home.

L&Q PricedIn shares their guide for the perfect cosy night in in your new L&Q home.

Top Tips For Home Buyers

Top Tips For Home Buyers

Tips for new Home Buyers!


Be sure to check where your main supplies are located and where your shut-off valves are, so in the case of an emergency you know where your first line of defence is so you’re not looking for them in a panic. It’s also important to make sure all water pipes that may be exposed to frost are sufficiently insulated, or take preventative steps to ensure you don’t experience burst pipes during the colder months. It’s also important to make sure you know where the stopcock is in case a pipe does burst.


80% Of Brits Feel Their House Is Much More Than Bricks & Mortar

80% Of Brits Feel Their House Is Much More Than Bricks & Mortar

·         But admit it can take at least 15 viewings and three months of living in their new house for it to feel like home

According to research from M&S Bank, 80% of Brits feel their house is so much more to them than bricks and mortar. And nearly a fifth (18%) think their house feels like a home as soon as they pick up the keys, while it takes an average of three months for the majority of people.

The M&S Bank study, which was conducted to coincide with the launch of its first mortgage range, found a fifth of Brits look at more than 15 properties before finding ‘the one’.

Introduce a houseplant to clean the air and help de-stress

Introduce a houseplant to clean the air and help de-stress

Make the air in your home less toxic by introducing a healthy houseplant. Studies have shown that humans are generally happier and feel less stressed when surrounded by a plant.

Adding a houseplant to the office or bedroom is a simple yet effective way to increase positivity day to day. The home and workplace can be full of airborne pollutants, with carpets, mattresses, paint, household products, pets and even people harbouring toxins – especially in the colder months, when windows tend to be closed and central heating is ramped up.

As well as cleaning the air, a houseplant can help with mental wellbeing – reducing anxiety and brightening moods.

Haskins Garden Centre has a range of houseplants available to purchase:

Calathea mix – from £6.99 12cm pot

The truths behind remortgaging

The truths behind remortgaging

After the 2017 Base Rate rise – and the predictions that it may rise again – many homeowners will be considering remortgaging to lock into a fixed rate. But for many, remortgaging is a tricky topic to understand. Will it actually save you money? Is it the right time to do it? Will you have to pay extra fees?

Leeds Building Society unearths the truths behind the common misconceptions.

Help to Buy hits high notes across the nation

Help to Buy hits high notes across the nation

In March 2013, the government launched its Help to Buy initiative to open the door to affordable home ownership for people right across the nation. 

Help to Buy is a scheme that is transforming the housing sector, as people priced out of the open market are being given the opportunity to pick up the keys to their very own home. 

The scheme offers buyers a five per cent deposit - half as much as the traditional 10% - meaning people stuck in the rental rat run are finally able to put enough money aside to get the ball rolling. 

Preparing your home for winter

Preparing your home for winter

Now that autumn is officially here, it’s time to start to think about preparing your home for even colder weather over the winter months.

Fortunately, leading specialists Gutter Supplies have some top tips that will save your home from taking the brunt of the harsh weather.


Although gutters may not be on the top of your list of priorities, it is essential to keep them damage free and in working order through the colder months.

How to save money when moving home

How to save money when moving home

The amount of money involved when buying a new home is always a worry. From paying off your mortgage to stamp duty and removal companies, it's not long before all those costs are enough to make you jump out of your skin!

However, online property platform Settled has a few tips to keep costs down, leaving you with some extra, hard-earned money to spend on yourself for once.

1. Use a Moving Check List

There are a hundred things to remember when moving home. Having a detailed list of everything that needs to get done and when will avoid you having to fork out money for services last minute when costs are probably higher. Get everything in one place and work through your list.

Don’t look now! When house viewing, getting distracted by clutter could cost you thousands

First-time buyers spend just two minutes reviewing structural features on buildings before placing an offer
Buyers spend more than half their time looking at clutter, decor and personal items

Buyers are distracted by clutter and personal items when viewing homes and could be missing problems that would cost thousands of pounds to fix, new research suggests.

The innovative study, conducted by Anglian Home Improvements, used eye tracking technology to monitor potential buyers as they viewed a property and revealed how little time is spent looking at the building structure itself.

Why is it important to use MyEnergy before switching supplier in your new home?

Why is it important to use MyEnergy before switching supplier in your new home?

Put simply, because it can save you £100s of pounds on your energy bills-and make your dream holiday a reality as a result.

In recent times, energy bills have risen to an unprecedented level, having almost doubled in the past 20 years. With household finances squeezed like an old tube of toothpaste, there’s never been a more topical time to seek out alternatives, and switch to a smarter solution...

Best in show: Alexander James' 5 interior design tips to bring show house style to your home

Best in show: Alexander James' 5 interior design tips to bring show house style to your home

With spring sales in full swing in many shops, now is the perfect time to take a critical look at your new home and make a few changes to bring it up to show house standard.  

"Bringing glamour and style to your home doesn't have to be about making big changes. There are a few simple tips and tricks that can make a big difference. Try to step back and take a fresh look at your rooms. Which features and objects stand out? How do they coordinate with the other items in the room? What feeling does the room give you? Once you take a long, hard look at your home, you'll be able to identify which colours and objects dominate it - and to change them if necessary."

Stacey Sibley, Creative Director, Alexander James Interior Design

Home Buyers Myth-Busters

Home Buyers Myth-Busters

You don’t need to get a home inspection – FALSE

It’s all too easy to forget that you should have someone (a professional) check a home is safe, especially before you move in with all of your worldly possessions. Astoundingly, only 1 in 10 homebuyers surveyed by CORGI HomePlan considered it to be important to get a professional inspection that to avoid nasty surprises later on!


Your home inspection is covered in the mortgage lenders survey – FALSE

28% of people believed that a home safety inspection was covered by the mortgage lenders survey. Sadly, it’s not. Set aside a budget for an inspection because let’s be honest, you can’t put a price on your safety.


3 Simple Steps To Sprucing Up Your New Garden

3 Simple Steps To Sprucing Up Your New Garden

With the weather finally starting to pick up, homeowners up and down the UK are turning an eye toward their garden and making plans for the summer. If you don’t consider yourself very green-fingered, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a vibrant display of flowers from spring all the way through to early autumn in your own garden.

No matter how chequered your gardening history, the tips and techniques below will have your garden or yard looking its absolute best with the minimum of hassle.



Choose plants that suit your space