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Last chance to snap up a downsizer bargain in the UK’s most coveted retirement hotspot, Christchurch

Monterey Christchurch

Picturesque Christchurch in Dorset, long a favourite downsizer hotspot for older people, has been crowned the most expensive destination in the South West per square foot*.

A sum of £227,000 – equivalent to the average UK property value – buys only 687 sq. ft. of space in the coastal town, making it pricier than the prestigious historic town of Bath and only a little less costly than Bristol**.

Retirement provider Platinum Skies’ Monterey development has aimed to make living in Christchurch more affordable for retirees. However, only four of Monterey’s 35 apartments now remain.

Monterey makes relocating to retirement hotspot affordable

Platinum Skies

Platinum Skies recently named as the second best spot to retire to in the UK, Dorset has a well-established reputation as a relocation hub for over 55s, thanks to its natural beauty, quaint character and opportunity for retirees to enjoy a vibrant, active lifestyle.

Measured by factors including life expectancy, access to healthcare and crime rate, the report highlights the many attractive aspects of Dorset which draw retirees to the county, with the golden stretch of coast in Christchurch particularly popular.